[Big Bossman Gallery]
Wrestler: The Big Bossman
Real Name: Ray Traylor
Birthday: May 2, 1962
Hometown: Cobb County, GA
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'6" - 315 lbs.
Trained by: Mickey "The Hammer" Henry
Ted Allen
Debut: 1985
Previous Gimmicks: War Machine (NWA)
Big Bubba Rogers (NWA)
The Boss (WCW)
The Gardian Angel (WCW)
Ray Traylor (WCW)
Finishing Move: Sidewalk Slam
Favorite Moves: Avalanche
Notable Feuds:
Hulk Hogan
Randy Savage
Dusty Rhodes
The Mountie
Mr. Perfect
Bobby Heenan
Notable Feuds:
Big Van Vader
John Tenta
The Rock
Ken Shamrock
Al Snow
The Big Show
Steve Austin

  • UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) World Heavyweight title defeated One Man Gang (April 19, 1987);
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/Test ();
  • WWF Hardcore title ();

  • Before Wrestling
  • Ray Traylor REALLY WAS a prison guard in Marietta, Georgia and gave that up to pursue a career in wrestling..
  • Ray Traylor did a few squash matches (losing end) in Verne Gagne's AWA most notably getting squashed by King Kong Bundy..

    National Wrestling Alliance
  • Ray Traylor got his start as "Big Bubba Rogers", the bodyguard of Jim Cornette in the National Wrestling Alliance..
  • Ray Traylor competed as "The War Machine" at the second War Games Event on the team of the Four Horsemen..
  • Ray Traylor left the National Wrestling Alliance after a dispute over his pay..

    Universal Wrestling Federation
  • April 19, 1987--UWF (Mid South): Big Bubba Rogers defeated One Man Gang to capture the UWF World Heavyweight title..
  • July 11, 1987--UWF (Mid South): Steve Williams defeated Big Bubba Rogers to win the UWF World Heavyweight title..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • July 31, 1988 - Wrestlefest: The Big Bossman defeated Scott Casey..
  • August 28, 1989 - Summerslam: The Big Bossman defeated Koko B.Ware..
  • October 29, 1988 - SNME: The Big Bossman defeated Jim Powers..

    World Wrestling Federation - Twin Towers
  • The Big Bossman formed a tag team with Akeem calling themselves "The Twin Towers" managed by Slick..
  • February 3, 1989 - The Main Event II: Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated Akeem & The Big Bossman w/Slick..
  • April 2, 1989 - Wrestlemania V: The Twin Towers defeated The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)..
  • May 27, 1989 - SNME: Hulk Hogan defeated The Big Bossman in a "Steel Cage" match to retain the WWF title..
  • August 28, 1989 - Summerslam: Jim Duggan & Demolition defeated Andre the Giant & The Twin Towers..
  • November 25, 1989 - SNME: Dusty Rhodes defeated The Big Bossman..
  • January 21, 1990 - Royal Rumble: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan defeated The Big Bossman by DQ..
  • Late 1989: The Twin Towers broke up and The Big Bossman turned face..

    World Wrestling Federation - Babyface Bossman
  • April 1, 1990 - Wrestlemania VI: The Big Bossman defeated Akeem..
  • April 28, 1990 - SNME: The Big Bossman defeated Akeem by Disqualification..
  • November 23, 1990 - SNME: Mr. Perfect defeated The Big Bossman by Countout..
  • January 19, 1991 - Royal Rumble: The Big Bossman defeated The Barbarian..
  • March 24, 1991 - Wrestlemania VII: The Big Bossman defeated Mr. Perfect (IC Champ) by Disqualification..
  • October 3, 1991 - Royal Albert Hall: Earthquake defeated The Big Bossman..
  • August 26, 1991 - Summerslam: The Big Bossman defeated The Mountie in a "Jailhouse" match..
  • April 5, 1992 - Wrestlemania 8: Duggan/Slaughter/Virgil/Bossman beat Mountie/Repo Man/Sags/Knobbs..
  • November 24, 1992 - Survivor Series: The Big Bossman defeated Nailz in a "Nightstick" match..
  • January 24, 1993 - Royal Rumble: Bam Bam Bigelow defeated The Big Bossman..

    World Championship Wrestling - The Boss
  • Ray Traylor resurfaced in World Championship Wrestling as "The Boss"..
  • December 27, 1993 - Starrcade: Rick Rude defeated The Boss to retain the International title..
  • April 17, 1994 - Spring Stampede: Big Van Vader w/Harley Race defeated The Boss in a bloody Grudge match..
  • ~~~After the match, The Boss snapped and destroyed Harley Race with the night stick until Nick Bockwinkel stepped in..
  • ~~~Nick Bockwinkel confiscated The Boss' night-stick and handcuffs and said he can no longer be "The Boss"..

    World Championship Wrestling - The Guardian Angel
  • Ray Traylor changed his name to "The Guardian Angel" and remained a babyface..
  • July 17, 1994 - Bash at the Beach: Big Van Vader defeated The Guardian Angel by Disqualification..
  • September 18, 1994 - Fall Brawl: Big Van Vader defeated Sting and Guardian Angel in a Triangle match..
  • October 23, 1994 - Halloween Havoc: Big Van Vader defeated The Guardian Angel..
  • The Guardian Angel turned heel and changed his name back to "Big Bubba Rogers"..

    World Championship Wrestling - Big Bubba Rogers
  • Big Bubba Rogers joined Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom..
  • February 19, 1995 - Superbrawl V: Randy Savage & Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers & Avalanche (John Tenta)..
  • March 19, 1995 - Uncensored: Big Bubba Rogers defeated Sting..
  • May 21, 1995 - Slamboree: Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers in a "Lights Out" match..
  • September 17, 1995 - Fall Brawl: Big Bubba Rogers defeated Mark Minh in a dark match..
  • November 26, 1995 - World War III: Big Bubba Rogers defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan..
  • June 16, 1996 - Great American Bash: John Tenta defeated Big Bubba Rogers..
  • July 7, 1996 - Bash at the Beach: John Tenta defeated Big Bubba Rogers in a Carson City Silver Dollar Match..

    World Championship Wrestling - new World order
  • 1997: Big Bubba (dropped the "Rogers") joined the new World order..
  • January 25, 1997 - Souled Out: Big Bubba defeated Hugh Morrus in a Mexican Death match..
  • Late 1997: Big Bubba quit the nWo and started to go by his real name, Ray Traylor..
  • December 28, 1997 - Starrcade: Randy Savage & Scott Norton & Vincent beat Ray Traylor & The Steiners..
  • January 24, 1998 - Souled Out: Ray Traylor & The Steiners beat Konnan & Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Corporation
  • September 1998: Ray Traylor returned to the WWF under a mask acting as Vince McMahon's bodyguard..
  • ~~~It is soon revealed that it was THE BIG BOSSMAN under the mask, and Bossman officially joined The Corporation..
  • November 15, 1998 - Survivor Series: Steve Austin defeated The Big Bossman in the First Round of a Tournament..
  • December 13, 1998 - Rock Bottom: New Age Outlaws defeated The Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock..
  • February 14, 1999 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre: The Big Bossman defeated Mideon..
  • March 28, 1999 - Wrestlemania XV: The Undertaker defeated The Big Bossman in a Hell in a Cell match..
  • May 23, 1999 - The Union defeated The Corporate Ministry (Acolytes/Bossman/Viscera)..

    World Wrestling Federation - Hardcore Division (vs Al Snow)
  • July 25, 1999 - Fully Loaded: The Big Bossman defeated Al Snow to win the Hardcore title..
  • Summerslam 1999: Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman for the Hardcore title..
  • September 26, 1999 - Unforgiven: Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman in a "Dog Kennel from Hell" match..

    World Wrestling Federation - vs The Big Show
  • October 11, 1999 - RAW: The Big Show found out that his father was terminally ill with cancer..
  • ~~~Later on, The Big Show had his scheduled match with The Big Bossman, who cut a tasteless promo against Big Show's dad..
  • October 1999: The Big Bossman paid a friend to tell The Big Show that his father died (even though it was not true)..
  • The Big Bossman later stole a stop watch from Big Show's dad at the hospital and smashed it with a hammer!
  • October 28, 1999 - SD!: The Big Show snapped and pushed a dumpster on top of a car containing Bossman & Albert!
  • December 12, 1999 - Armageddon: The Big Show defeated The Big Bossman to retain the WWF title..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan
  • February 27, 2000 - No Way Out: Tazz defeated The Big Bossman in 47 seconds..
  • April 2, 2000 - Wrestlemania: The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan defeated The Godfather & D'Lo Brown..
  • April 30, 2000 - Backlash: The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanon defeated The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw)..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Big Bossman
  • December 2001: The Big Bossman mase a surprise return, siding with Booker T in a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin..
  • April 1, 2002 - RAW: The Hardy Boyz defeated The Big Bossman & Mr. Perfect..

    Giving Back
  • Bossman was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling to help train and teach younger wrestlers..
  • October 30, 2002 - OVW Taping: Big Bossman/Charlie Haas/Mr. P (John Cena) defeated Lance Cade/Sean O'Haire/Rene Dupree..
  • September 24, 2003: Ray Traylor was spotted backstage at a NWA Total Nonstop Action show..
  • April 2004: Ray Traylor toured IWA Japan, and took occassional Indy dates in the United States..
  • July 17, 2004--Iron Ring Wrestling: Bunkhouse Buck (Jimmy Golden) defeated The Big Bossman..
  • September 22, 2004: Ray Traylor suddenly passed away at his home as a result of a massive heart attack -- he was 42..
  • ~~~His wife found him unconcious in a room and paramedics were unable to revive him -- Rest in Peace..