[Beulah Gallery]
Manager/Wrestler: Beulah McGillicutty
Real Name: Theresa Hayes
Birthday: March 14, 1971
Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Marital Status: married to Tommy Dreamer
Height & Weight: 5'6" 110 lbs
Trained by: ECW House of Hardcore
Previous Gimmicks: Bill Alfonso
Finishing Move: Beulah-sault
Favorite Moves: Beulah-arana
Notable Feuds: Francine

  • Beulah was one of the most popular "Queens of Extreme" in ECW before leaving the wrestling business to to pursue modelling..
  • October 12, 2002: Beulah gets married to none other than Tommy Dreamer!!
  • June 12, 2005 - ECW One Night Stand: Francine showed up during the main event to kick Tommy Dreamer between the legs!!!
  • ~~~Beulah McGillicutty then showed up and --- CAT FIGGGHTTTTTT!!!!! --- with Beulah coming out on top..
  • ~~~The Impact Players went after Beulah, but Storm accidentally hit Credible, and Beulah kicked Storm between the legs..
  • ~~~Tommy Dreamer, with a crimson mask, hugged Beulah (his wife), and they gave the Dudleyz simoltaneous DDTs!!
  • June 11, 2006 - ECW One Night Stand: Mick Foley & Edge & Lita defeated Terry Funk (bloodbath) & Tommy Dreamer & Beulah..