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Wrestler/Referee: "The Beast"
Real Name: Yvon Cormier
Birthday: November 3
Hometown: Dorchester, NB
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 255 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1963
Previous Gimmicks: Ivan The Lumberjack
Pierre LeBelle
Finishing Move: The Bear Hug
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Chief Billy Whitewolf
Cuban Assassin
Frenchy Martin

  • The Beast (Yvon Cormier) is the oldest of the famous Cormier Wrestling Brothers from Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick)..
  • ~~~Including brothers Leo Burke (Leonce Cormier), Terry & Bobby Kay (Robert Cormier) and, later, Rudy Kay (Jean-Louis Cormier)..

  • Yvon Cormier had done various jobs as a teen, including working in the woods, shoeing horses, and driving heavy equipment.
  • Yvon Cormier started wrestling with the encouragement of Eastern Canadian promotor, Emile Dupre..
  • Yvon Cormier was one of the early weight and health fanatics in wrestling..

  • 1962: Yvon Cormier went to Indianapolis to train seriously, and started as a regular pro wrestler the next year as "Ivan The Lumberjack"..
  • Jim Crockett Sr. gave Yvon Cormier his name... THE BEAST!
  • The Beast wrestled seven different World champions, including six, 90-minute draws..
  • The Beast wrestled Giant Baba in Japan in front of 45,000 people..
  • 1967: Yvon Cornier toured Australia as "The Beast" with his brother "Professor Rudy LaBelle" as his wrestler/manager..
  • 1979: Yvon Cormier bench pressed 527lbs..
  • 1980: Yvon Cormier took a lighter schedule..
  • 1999: Yvon Cormier participates in a Grand Prix Wrestling summer tour of Canada..