Team: The Bass Brothers
Members v01: Percy Bass & Woodrow Bass w/Sam Bass
Real Names: Jimmy Hyde & Jim White
Members v02: Ron Bass & Don Bass w/Maw Bass
Real Names: Ron Herd & Don Herd (Legit brothers)
Trained by:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: J.C. Dykes
The Mighty Yankees
Nelson Royal

  • 1970-71: Sam Bass managed Percy (Jimmy Hyde) & Woodrow Bass (Jim White) in the Alabama territory for promoter Billy Golden..
  • 1972-73: Maw Bass (Mae Weston) managed Roy Bass (Roy Klein) & Donnie Bass in the Kentucky area for promoter Phil Golden...
  • 1973-74: Maw Bass managed Ronnie & Donnie Bass, then later it was Donnie & Bobby Bass in the Gulf Coast area for Lee Fields
  • Spring 1975: Sam Bass (Real Name: Frank Bass) managed Ron & Don Bass in the Tennessee (Gulas) and Knoxville (Fuller) areas..
  • Maw Bass & her boys were involved in a heel vs heel feud with J.C. Dykes & his Mighty Yankees (Curtis Smith & Mike McManus).
  • Maw Bass certainly didn't mind smacking her sons Ronnie and Donnie around when things weren't going the Bass' way..
  • ~~~The Bass Brothers often used Maw Bass' "loaded purse" as a weapon to gain the advantage in their matches..