Article: WOW! That Sucked!
Wrestler: Bambi
Real Name: Selina Majors
Birthday: June 12
Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'7"
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: "The Real Deal" Selina Majors (WOW)
Finishing Move: Georgia Bulldog
The Stunner (WOW)
Favorite Moves: Sunset Flip
Notable Feuds: Thug aka Peggy Lee (WOW)

  • LMLW/WWOW title (3);
  • NWA Women's World title;
  • ACW Women's title;
  • IWA Women's title (3);
  • NWL Women's title (3);
  • VWA Women's title;
  • SAPW Women's title;
  • PWF Women's title;
  • BTW Women's title;
  • NWA Women's title;
  • NDW Women's title;
  • (Alabama) Rampage Wrestling Federation Woman's title;

  • WOW Unleashed: Thung (Peggy Lee) defeated Selina Majors (Bambi) in a Cage Match..
  • May 15, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Hartwell, GA: Bambi & Ricky Morton defeated Peggy Lee Leather & George South Sr..
  • June 4, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling Legends Show: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather to win the Women's title..
  • October 2, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather..
  • October 4, 2004--NWA Blue Ridge: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather..
  • October 15, 2004--Alabama Championship Wrestling: Bambi & Mike Jackson beat Ultimate Dragon & Peggy Lee Leather..
  • November 15, 2004--UCW: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather..
  • January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: Team Richter/Hosaka/Bambi/Taylor defeated Team Martel/Leather/Vaine/O'Neal..
  • ~~~Team Richter = Wendi Richter & Malia Hosaka & Bambi & "Bootilicious" Jenny Taylor..
  • ~~~Team Martel = Sherri Martel & Peggy Lee Leather & Team Blondage (Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal) w/Joyce Grable..
  • February 19, 2005--Exodus Wrestling: Bambi defeated Back Widow..
  • August 21, 2005--NWA Fan Fest: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather..
  • October 14, 2005--USWO: Candi Divine defeated Bambi..
  • November 19, 2005--CCW Tribute to Starrcade: Lisa Moretti & Bambi beat Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal with So Cal Val as referee..
  • December 3, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling/IWA Deep South: Mickie Knuckles defeated Bambi..
  • July 7, 2006--Legends Show: Porkchop Cash & Peggy Lee Leather defeated Bambi & Anton Levay.....
  • July 15, 2006--AWA Great American Wrestling Federation: Peggy Lee Leather defeated Bambi........
  • September 2, 2006--Big Time Wrestling: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather...
  • September 28, 2006--Exodus Wrestling: Bambi defeated Peggy Lee Leather...