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Team: Ballard Brothers
Members: Shane & Shannon Ballard
Former Valet: Cheerleader Melissa
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Birthday: September 9, 1970
Titles: PCW Tag Team titles
UPW Tag Team titles;
Finishing Move: Penalty Box
Favorite Moves: The Double Minor
Previous Identites: Los Rojos Locos I & II
Notable Feuds: Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz

  • December 8, 2002--Superstar Billy Graham Benefit Show: Ballard Brothers b Lamar Tinnin & Chris Mordesky..
  • December 14, 2002--Big-Time Wrestling: Jason Styles & Dash Riprock b Ballard Twins..
  • January 8, 2002--UPW: B-Boy & Funky Billy Kim b Ballard Brothers to win UPW tag titles..
  • January 11, 2002--Impact Zone Wrestling: Ballard Brothers b Hollywood & Horshu-DQ..
  • January 25, 2002--Finals of the Annual Pacific Cup Tournament: Ballard Brothers b Vance Nevada & Disco Fury..
  • March 7, 2003--Big Time Wrestling: The Road Warriors defeated the Ballard Brothers..
  • February 20, 2004 - UPW 5th Anniversary Show: The Ballard Brothers defeated Hardkore Inc. to win the UPW Tag Team titles!
  • May 7 & 8, 2004: The Ballard Brothers win the Pacific Cup Tag Team Tournament which took place in British Columbia..
  • July 17, 2004--UPW: Scott Lost & Joey Ryan & Tommy Williams defeated Frankie Kazarian & Ballard Brothers..
  • July 25, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron Midwest: Vito & Sal Thomaselli defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • August 20, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling: Navajo Warrior & John Williams defeated Shane & Shannon Ballard..
  • August 28, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron: Tony Kozina & Hook Bomberry defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • October 2, 2004--Oaktown Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Ice Box & Tony Fury by Disqualification..
  • October 30, 2004--Ultimate Pro Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated The West Coast Cartel..
  • November 13, 2004--Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Disco Machine & Excalibur defeated Los Rojos Locos I & II (unmasked as the Ballards)..
  • January 22, 2005--Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Ballard Brothers & Ronin beat Excalibur & Top Gun Talwar & Supa Badd..
  • February 26, 2005--IZW/ICW in Tokyo: The Ballard Brothers beat Navajo Warrior & Shooting Wolf (John Williams)..
  • March 5, 2005--APW 10th Anniversary: Westside Playaz 2000 (Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande) beat The Ballard Brothers..
  • March 12, 2005--PWG: The Ballards & Ronin & Charles Mercury b Top Gun Talwar & Hook Bomberry & Excalibur & Disco Machine..
  • May 13, 2005--PWG: Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver beat The Ballard Brothers and Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar in a 3-WAY..
  • July 4, 2005--WPW: Jerry Grey & Mighty Heinrich Volkoff defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • July 23, 2005--Big Time Wrestling: Wild Storm & Le Empereur defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • June 24, 2005--APW: Kyu Ketsuki & Kid Omega & Cheerleader Melissa defeated The Ballard Brothers & Luscious..
  • July 20, 2005--Ultimate Pro Wresting: The Ballard Brothers defeated Babi Slymm & Under Pressure..
  • July 30, 2005--American Championship Wrestling: Mike & Mach Martinez defeated The Ballard Brothers by DQ..
  • August 26, 2005--World Pro Wrestling: Jerry Grey & Heinrich Volkoff defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • September 30, 2005--Adrenaline Unleashed: The Ballard Brothers defeated Native Blood (Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion)..
  • October 13, 2005--Impact Zone Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Native Blood (Navajo Warrior & Shooting Wolf)..
  • February 19, 2006--Inoki Dojo: Alex Koslov & Johnny Goodtime defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • March 5, 2006--Inoki Dojo: The Ballard Brothers defeated Johnny Goodtime & Sexy Chino...
  • March 12, 2006--NWA Pro: Shane & Shannon Ballard defeated Alex Koslov & Evan Jelic..
  • March 31, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling: Mucha & Lucha Reigns defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • April 2006--IZW Pacific Tour (18 shows): Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion) defeated The Ballard Brothers..
  • May 12, 2006--Big Time Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated L'Emperuer & Shane Kody by DQ...
  • May 13, 2006--Ultimate Pro Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Scott Lost & Chris Bosh ......
  • May 20, 2006--World Pro Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers beat Jerry Grey & Heinrich Volkoff to retain the Tag Team titles
  • June 4, 2006--NWA Pro (Inoki Dojo): Karl Anderson & Ballard Brothers beat Alex Koslov & American Balloon & Sexy Chino.
  • June 17, 2006--Western Alliance Entertainment: Hardcore Kidd & Justin Sane beat The Ballard Brothers to win the Tag Team titles..
  • June 24, 2006--Bay Area Wrestling: 71 year old Woody Farmer teamed up with his son Rex (Shane Kody), and grandson (Riot)..
  • ~~~The Ballards & Aaron Aguilera beat Woody Farmer & Shane Kody (Woody's son Rex Farmer) & Riot (Woody's grandson) by DQ..
  • July 4, 2006--World Pro Wrestling: Jerry Gray & Mighty Henrich defeated The Ballard Brothers....
  • August 12, 2006--Battle Ground Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated King Faviano & The Unholy..
  • September 17, 2006--Big Time Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Shane Kody & Kid Kool....
  • November 3, 2006--Wild West Championship Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Jay Garland & Mike James...
  • January 27, 2007--Ultimate Pro Wrestling: The Ballard Brothers defeated Joey Ryan & Dick Rick in California ..
  • January 30, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling: Bump N Grind (Morgan & Erica D'Erico) defeated The Ballard Brothers