A few years ago, Obsessedwithwrestling.com was getting far too many profile submissions from independent wrestlers. We simply could not keep up with the workload, and there really was no way in telling who was legit and who wasn't. Who was going places and who was going nowhere? Who had potential and who was doomed? It is literally impossible to be familiar with everybody so it was difficult to figure out who deserved a profile on OWW. At first we instituted a set of guidelines like you had to be full time for at least a year, but still we could not keep up with the demand so we stopped accepting profile submissions all together. If there was an indy wrestler we wanted profiled, we would do the research ourselves or hunt down contact information for the person and ask them directly. We had to turn away my fair share of wrestler hopefuls and believe us when we say, we hated ourselves every time we did it. Recently we have been trying to think of ideas for how we could start accepting profile submissions again, while also having our time and efforts compensated.

Effective immediately, Obsessedwithwrestling.com is reopening the independent wrestler profile application. If you wish to have your profile featured on OWW, there will be a 1-time fee of $25 (US) as sort of an unofficial booking fee. This entitles you to a regular profile with all the normal statistics along with up to four photos and you can email updates whenever you feel like it. This fee will compensate us for our time and efforts, and will also filter out the wannabe wrestlers who do not take the business seriously. We have pay pal account but if you do not have one yourself, then we can work something else out. ..

The full-time pro for a year clause is still an issue. We are willing to waive this restriction if you exhibit the qualities of a dedicated wrestler by travelling and working for multiple promotions on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have been in the business less than one year than you better be working your butt off if you want to get on OWW.

Alternatives: If this option doesn't suit your style, then we have thought of some alternatives.

  • Alternative #1: In place of the $25 booking fee, you may instead chose to donate a commercial DVD (new or used) from WWE or TNA only if I do not already own it. Please check with me before hand to make sure I don't already have the item in my collection.

  • Alternative #2: A $10 price cut will be issued if you supply me with a compilation DVD or VHS of your own matches.

Exceptions (People Not Eligible For Application): We do have to draw the line somewhere, so we will not accept any submissions Non-wrestlers such as announcers, ring announcers, and referees. Also this goes without saying, NO YARD TARDS!

Instructions: Upon payment of the arranged fee, you can Copy & Paste the following text into an email and fill out as much of the information as you can. Attach anywhere between 1 and 4 photos (Note: It will increase your chances if the photos are actually wrestling related featuring you in your wrestling gear). Send the information to oww@obsessedwithwrestling.com.

  • Wrestling Name:
  • Real Name:
  • Birthday:
  • Hometown:
  • Marital Status:
  • Height & Weight:
  • Trained by:
  • Debut:
  • Previous Names of Gimmicks:
  • Finishing Move:
  • Favorite Moves:
  • Notable Feuds: (Up to 10 of your best)
  • Website or MySpace URL:
  • Title History (with dates and who you teamed with and/or defeated if possible)
  • Career Highlights (chronologically with dates if possible)

Warning: If a wrestler's profile is posted, and we eventually discover that you submitted fraudulent or misleading information, OR if we discover that you are a backyard wrestler, then we reserve the right to erase your profile and keep the fee as a service charge. So don't try to screw with us by sending in profiles for Mike Hunt, Phil McCrackin or Amanda Huginkiss.

A Message To Wrestlers With Existing Profiles: Obviously it would be unrealistic and unfair to ask that everyone with profiles up until now pay the $25 (US) fee. However, we are asking that you look inside yourself and find it in your heart to send in whatever you feel is appropriate to compensate the OWW staff for their time and efforts in helping to give the wrestling industry so much exposure over the years. We can accept financial donations via pay pal, or you may chose to donate merchandise such as wrestling books, wrestling DVDs, autographed photos of yourselves, or compilations tapes of your matches. Just a little something to say thanks for everything OWW has to offer the World of professional wrestling. To all the wrestlers out there who are profiled on OWW or who soon be profiled, thank you very much for your hard work and dedication and we hope we can continue promoting everyone forever and ever -- or at least until Osama Bin Laden destroys the internet and ruins it for everybody!