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Team: The Australians
Members: Larry O'Dea & Ron Miller
Previous Identities:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: The Alaskans (Florida)

  • The Fabulous Australians were in CWF from the Summer of 1971 to March of 1972 and held the Florida tag titles four times during their stay, most notably feuding with The Alaskans (Mike York and Frank Monte).. They also had a manager during this feud to counteract the manager of The Alaskans (George Harris), former CWF wrestler and referee Johnny King..

  • Ron Miller & Larry O’Dea (Larry Davies) held the Austra-Asian tag titles together 5 times after returning from a stint in the US where they held the Florida tag belts 4 times as the “Australians”, Miller also held the Austra-Asian tag title with another Aussie Johnny Gray as well as Andre the Giant, they were the last holders, O’Dea also held it with Bobby Hart (twice), Ed Wisowski & Rick Martel.

  • Individually Miller held the Austra-Asian title 4 times at the expense of Great Mephisto, Ernie Ladd, Killer Karl Krupp & Butcher Brannigan as well as the junior heavyweight title once from Bobby Hart & the brass knucks title 4 times from Mephisto, George Barnes, Bruiser Brody & Bulldog Brower while O’Dea held the brass knucks title once from Cyclone Negro & the TV title 3 times (the TV title was only contested during ’76 so it was pretty much his toy). Miller was a Sgt in the Air Force when he first began wrestling professionally & was billed for several years as Sgt Ronny Miller.

  • In ’78 Bruiser Brody suffered a rare pinfall loss to Miller while challenging for the Austra-Asian title & Miller had two shots at Harley Race’s NWA world title both ending in draws.