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Detailed Art Barr Biography..
Wrestler: Art Barr
Real Name: Arthur Leon Barr
Birthday: October 8, 1966 in Portland
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'1 - 240lbs
Trained by: Sandy Barr
Roddy Piper
Debut: April 2, 1987
Previous Gimmicks: Art Barr
The Intruder (PNW)
The Beetlejuice (PNW/WCW)
The Juicer (WCW)
The American Love Machine (NJPW)
The Love Machine
The Witcher
Finishing Move: Frog Splash
The Tombstone
Favorite Moves: Belly-to-belly Suplex
Notable Feuds: Blue Panther
El Hijo del Santo

  • PNW (Pacific Northwest Wrestling) Television title;
  • NWA (Pacific Northwest Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Big Juice as The Juicer Patrol;
  • NWA (Pacific Northwest Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Jesse Barr;
  • NWA (Pacific Northwest Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Konnan El Barbaro;
  • AAA/IWC World Tag Team titles w/Eddie Guerrero;

  • In The Beginning
  • Art Barr came from a family of wrestlers: Sandy "Ferrin" Barr (his father) and brothers Jesse Barr (Jimmy Jack Funk) and Shawn Barr.
  • Art Barr was an amature wrestler at the Oregon State University before turning "pro"..
  • ~~~Art Barr achieved great success as he was 4 time District champion and 2 time State champion in Portland..
  • ~~~Art Barr had to quit the University when his first wife became pregnant..
  • Art Barr (aged 12) met Roddy Piper (who at the time was wrestling in Oregon) who used to take him to the gym..
  • Art Barr started to work in a steel mill during the day, while training to became a wrestler at night..

    Getting into the Business
  • Art Barr started to wrestle for his fatherís promotion as "Arthur Barr" and also wrestled as "The Intruder"..
  • ~~~During a Television Taping, Arthur was in the ring, Roddy Piper and 3 other wrestlers entered the ring..
  • ~~~They covered him with a sheet, striped him naked throwing his clothes to the crowd and put him in a new outfit..
  • ~~~Roddy Piper then said: "Now I have created The Beetlejuice, the meanest little son-of-a-gun that I have ever seen"..
  • ~~~Roddy Piper took off the sheet and there was Art Barr, standing there with his new gimmick -- Beetlejuice!
  • Art Barr formed a tag team with J.W. Storm (Jeff Warner) as the "Juice Patrol"..

    World Championship Wrestling
  • Art Barr signed with the WCW in the late 1990, and kept the Beetlejuice gimmick, but renamed to The Juicer for copyright reasons..
  • After some problems with the law, Art Barr left World Championship Wrestling and headed to Mexico..

    EMLL and the American Love Machine
  • Early 1991: Art Barr popped up in the Mexican promotion EMLL (where Konnan worked)..
  • For almost two years, he wrestled there as the American Love Machine, as an American masked tecnico wrestler..
  • Art Barr had two try-outs with the WWF but they didn't sign him..

  • Art Barr returned to Mexico's newly formed AAA promotion..
  • Art Barr engaged in a war with a wrestler named "the Blue Panther"..
  • Art Barr challenged Panther to a hair vs. mask match in Los Angeles, California, which he lost his mask..
  • ~~~This match has been one of the most important matches in Barrís career..
  • ~~~After that match he turned rudo and became the hottest ticket on Mexican lucha libre..
  • Late 1993: Art Barr joined forces with Eddie Guerrero and formed La Pareja del Terror..
  • ~~~Konnan joined them and they formed the legendary stable called "Los Gringos Locos"..
  • ~~~Other wrestlers joined them: Black Cat, Madonnaís Boyfriend (Louie Spicolli), Misterioso, Chicano Power and King Lion..
  • Love Machine & Eddie Guerrero feuded with El Hijo del Santo and Octagon..
  • ~~~The feud that was culminated in a hair vs. masks match in the first ever lucha libre only PPV..
  • ~~~November 6 "When Worlds Collide": El Hijo del Santo and Octagon defeated La Pareja del Terror, who were shaven bald!
  • ~~~With the PPV, Barr gained worldwide exposure, and he was destined to stardom..

    Art Barr's Final Days
  • ECW was very interested in Art Barr & Eddie Guerrero coming into the company to feud with their top tag team Public Enemy..
  • Amazingly, at the same time, WWF, WCW and New Japan also showed interest in the tag team of Guerrero & Barr..
  • November 23, 1994: Art Barr was found dead laying with his baby child at his home in Springfield, Oregon..
  • Preliminary reports said that he died of a aneurysm, but later reports said that he died under unknown circumstances..
  • Art did not have heart problems, no aneurysm or internal bleeding, no ring injuries and no illegal substance of his body..
  • There are two theories of his death..
  • 1) He had a missing vertebrae on his neck from birth that made two vertebrae press against each other, causing his lungs to stop..
  • 2) There could have been some bad mixing of different substances..