Wrestler: Arman Hussian
Real Name: Mike Barber
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Mike Harmon
Voodoo Malumba?
Hussein the Butcher (Portland)
Finishing Move: Desert Crab (Indian Death Lock)
Favorite Moves: Headbutt
Notable Feuds::
Bill Wright
Joe Pazandak
Killer Kane
Dick Dunn
Hans Steiner
Kangaroo Bob Karson
Don Arnold
Din Kent
Gene Dubuque
Tony Borne
Notable Feuds::
Bugsy McGraw
Jack Ringer
Eddie Sullivan
Rip Tyler
The Comacharos
Jose Lothario
Otto Von Krupp
Lord Landsdowne
Devestation Inc.

  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Shag Thomas defeating Stan Stasiak & Mad Russian (1965);
  • NWA Canadian Tag Team titles w/Abdullah the Butcher defeating Don Leo Jonathan & Haystack Calhoun (1968);
  • (Gulf Coast) Mississippi State title ();
  • (Oklahoma) North American title ();
  • Carribbean Heavyweight title defeating Invader I (1978);

  • 1960s/70s: Arman Hussien had a lengthy run in Arizona, holding varied tag team titles with Tito Montez and others..
  • Arman Hussien did a stint in Portland teaming with Abdullah The Butcher and he himself as "Hussien The Butcher"..
  • Arman Hussien formed a tag team with Samba Lamumba in California..
  • March 15, 1982 - WCCW Star Wars: Jose Lothario vs Arman Hussein ended in a DRAW..
  • 1982: Arman Hussien formed a faction with Gary Hart known as "H&H Limited" in World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • ~~~Together they managed Kabuki, Magic Dragon, Bill Irwin, Bugsy McGraw, Frank Dusek, Checkmate, The Spoiler, and others..
  • ~~~King Kong Bundy went on strike from H&H and joined Scandar Akbar's Devestation Inc group..
  • ~~~Arman Hussien recruited The Great Yatsu from Japan who defeated Bundy in a Loser Leaves Town Match..
  • ~~~The Superfly (Ray Candy in a mask) also spent time with H&H Limited..
  • August 15, 1982 - WCCW Star Wars: Bugsy McGraw defeated Gary Hart & Armand Hussein in a "Handicap" match..
  • By late 1982, Gary Hart rarely appeared and Arman Hussein pretty much exclusively managed the group..
  • June 17, 1983 - WCCW Star Wars: Kimala beat Arman Hussein & Tola Yatsu & Mike Bond in a "Loser Leaves Town" match..
  • Late 1980s: Arman Hussien retired to the Dallas area..