Wrestler: Anthony Kingdon James
Real Name:
Birthday: April 9, 1971
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'9" -
Trained by:
Debut: September 23, 1995
Previous Gimmicks: Big Daddy Adams
The Reverend Kingdom James
Finishing Move: King's Crown DDT
Favorite Moves: The 1812 (top rope legdrop)
Process Of Elimination (Regal Stretch)
Notable Feuds: Sebastian Dark
Shirley Doe
Lou Marconi/Paul Atlas
Chip Fairway

  • Renegade Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title (September 23, 1995 in Oakville, Ontario);
  • Cleveland Wrestling Alliance Television title ();
  • Cleveland Wrestling Alliance Light Heavyweight title ();
  • Pro Wrestling eXpress North American Heavyweight title ();
  • World Wrestling Organization Heavyweight title ();
  • Insane Championship Wrestling Streetfight Tag Team titles w/Rhino Richards ();
  • Underground Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles w/Black Cat ();
  • Pro Wrestling eXpress Tag Team titles w/Mr Bigg defeating Brandon K & Cory K (November 6 1999);
  • Pro Wrestling eXpress Tag Team titles w/Shawn Patrick defeating Paul Atlas & Lou Marconi (May 19, 2000);
  • World Wrestling Organization Canadian National Heavyweight title ();
  • American Hardcore Wrestling Tag Team titles w/Mike Wrath ();
  • Intense Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title ();

  • September 23, 1995 - RWA: Big Daddy Adams won RWA Heavyweight title in his rookie match vs "Wildcat" Jamie Jackson..
  • May 18, 1996 - MWCW: Big Daddy Adams was eliminaeted by Christian Cage in Gauntlet match for MWCW title in Detroit, MI..
  • Fall 1996 - CWA: Big Daddy Adams simultaneously held the CWA Light Heavyweight and Television titles in Cleveland, OH..
  • November 9, 1996 - PWX: As a manager, guided Black Cat to victory over Dennis Gregory for PWX North American title..
  • November 23, 1996 - PWX: Subs for Black Cat in North American title defence, losing the match and the title to Lou Marconi..
  • January 1997 - PWX: Big Daddy Adams formed a tag team known as "Harm's Way" with Black Cat..
  • February 28, 1997 - DWF: Big Daddy Adams won the WWO Heavyweight title from Paul Atlas in State College, PA..
  • March 8, 1997 - PWX: Big Daddy Adams defeated Adam Flash by pinfall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..
  • March 28, 1997 - PWX: Big Daddy Adams was pinned in loser-leaves-town match with Black Cat vs JB Destiny & Dennis Gregory..
  • Fall 1997 - ICW: Big Daddy Adams joined THUG LIFE faction whose members included some of wrestling's future stars.
  • ~~~They included Joe E Legend, Geza Kalman, Sexton Hardcastle, Christian Cage and Rhino Richards..
  • ~~~Big Daddy Adams began a bloody feud with ICW mainstay "DBA"..
  • December 20, 1997 - ICW: THUG LIFE (Legend/Hardcastle/Cage/Adams) attacked Al Snow, Blue Meanie & Ric Matrix..
  • December 21, 1997 - MWCW: THUG LIFE (Legend/Hardcastle/Cage/ Adams) interupted main event of the evening..
  • ~~~The main event was between DBA/Ric Matrix vs BWO (Super Nova/Blue Meanie) and they attacked all four men..
  • Spring 1998 - HWA: Big Daddy Adams began working for Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati, OH..
  • ~~~He started a long feud with mainstay Chip Fairway..
  • May 1998 - ICW: Big Daddy Adams formed a tag team with Rhino Richards as part of THUG LIFE and won the Tag Team titles..
  • June 1998 - ICW: Big Daddy Adams & Rhino lost the tag titles and THUG LIFE turned against Rhino afterwards..
  • ~~~with Sexton Hardcastle & Christian Cage went to the WWF and Rhino & Legend going full-time to Europe..
  • ~~~~~Big Daddy Adams left ICW and THUG LIFE disbanded..

  • June 1998: Big Daddy Adams changed name to Kingdom James..
  • August 15, 1998 - HWA: Kingdom James had a long feud with Chip Fairway continued with a 2-2 draw in a 30 minute iron man match..
  • January 17, 1999 - AWF: Kingdon James defeated "Total" Lee Awesome (aka Bobby Rude) in Toronto, Ontario..
  • February 21, 1999 - WWS: Kingdom James defeated "Total" Lee Awesome (aka Bobby Rude) in Toronto, Ontario..
  • June 2, 1999 - UPW: Kingdom James & Black Cat reunite to win Underground Pro Wrestling Tag titles from Shirley Doe & Dee Drake..
  • July 1999 - PWX: Kingdom James returned for first time in over two years, forming the tag team "Unstoppable" with Mr Bigg..
  • Summer 1999 - HWA: Kingdom James earned several pinfall victories over "MTV Superstar" Rory Fox..
  • October 9, 1999 - HWA: Matt Stryker & Nigel McGuiness defeated Kingdom James & Chad Collyer..
  • November 6 1999 - PWX: Unstoppable defeated Brandon K & Cory K to win PWX Tag Team titles..
  • January 14, 2000 - PWX: Paul Atlas & Lou Marconi defeated Kingdom James in a Handicap match for the Tag Team titles..
  • January 17, 2000 - PWX: Chris Hero defeated Kingdom James by DQ when Mr. Bigg interfered..
  • Spring 2000 - ICW: Kingdom James had a series of hardcore matches against longtime rival Shirley Doe in Erie, PA..
  • April 21, 2000 - PWX: Paul Atlas & Lou Marconi brutalized Unstoppable before a tag title match prompting Bigg to quit..
  • May 19, 2000 - PWX: NWA East promoter Jim Miller forced Kingdom James to choose a new tag partner or forfeit his title shot..
  • ~~~Kingdom James picked senior referee Shawn Patrick, wrestled the match singlehandedly and won the Tag Team titles..
  • June 2000 - JCW: Kingdom James debut in Jersey Championship Wrestling with Cory K to beat Andrew Anderson & White Lotus..
  • Spring 2001: Kingdom James shattered his left ankle and goes into semi-retirement..

  • Fall 2002 - XPW: Kingdom James accepted a position as east coast ring announcer for XPW shows in Philadelphia & Pittsburgh..
  • October 2002 - ICW: Kingdom James was attacked by Sebastian Dark in what was meant to be his final match..
  • ~~~Kingdom agreed to one last weapons match vs Sebastian Dark | Kingdom broke his right ankle halfway through match..
  • ~~~After the match, which Sebastian won, Kingdom James was named the new commissioner of ICW..
  • Spring 2003: ICW closed, Kingdom began promoting shows under the name "Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers"..
  • Fall 2003 - IWC: Kingdom James joined the broadcast team for the International Wrestling Cartel..
  • ~~~As color commentator alongside play-by-play man Jeff Gorman and analyst Joe Dombrowski..
  • August 2003 - UIPW: Chris Hamrick attacked several officials after winning the UIPW title from Sebastian Dark..
  • ~~~Chris Hamrick broke Kingdom James' left shoulder during the melee..
  • Winter 2003 - LXW: Kingdom James appeared as ring announcer for Lucha Xtreme Wrestling in New York City, NY..
  • Summer 2004: Kingdom James began using name "Anthony Kingdom James"..
  • February 27, 2005 - IWC: Anthony Kingdom James came out of retirement to accept an open challenge issued by Bubba The Bulldog..
  • ~~~Bubba The Bulldog pinned Anthony Kingdom James by pinfall when Bubba used the ropes for leverage..

  • Kingdom James continued to wrestle and manage sporadically, but concentrated mostly on his play-by-play work..
  • Amongst those Kingdom has managed are Joe E Legend, Sexton Hardcastle (aka Edge) and the Honky Tonk Man..
  • Kingdom James has done play-by-play for the International Wrestling Cartel, Steel City Wrestling, Sunflower State Pro Wrestling;
  • ~~~Insane Championship Wrestling, Intense Championship Wrestling, Heritage Wrestling Alliance & International Wrestling Force.
  • AKJ has been working some shows in England, for the 1 Pro Wrestling (1PW; http://www.1p-w.com) promotion..
  • ~~~He does play by play commentary for DVDs of all of their shows (October 1, 2005/January 6 & 7, 2006)..
  • ~~~He's also wrestled once for 1PW, losing to Stevie Lynn in a dark match on January 7, 2006.