Wrestler: Angelo Mosca Jr.
Real Name:
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Height & Weight:
Trained by:
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Notable Feuds:

  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title (3);
  • Canadian Heavyweight title ();

  • Angelo Mosca Jr. was known as a really bad worker & did not last very long in the wrestling business..
  • Late 1984: Angelo Mosca Jr. briefly worked in the WWF with Mosca Sr. "managing" him, but it did not last long..
  • 1985-87: Angelo Mosca Jr. then wrestled for the legendary Canadian Wildman in Ontario around..
  • February 2, 1986--MoscaMania: Angelo Mosca Jr & Vic Rossettani defeated The Kelly Brothers in Hamilton, Ontario..
  • February 15, 1987--MoscaMania 2: Angelo Mosca Jr defeated Shaska Whatley in Hamilton, Ontario..