Wrestler: Andy Anderson
Real Name: Andrew Anderson
Birthday: February 22, 1975
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 215 lbs
Trained by: Vance Nevada
Robbie Royce
Debut: June 6, 1996
Previous Gimmicks: J.T. Atlas
Déjà Vu
"Buff" Anderson
Lobo Blanco
Finishing Move: Northern Lights Suplex
Favorite Moves: Belly to belly suplex
German Suplex
Notable Feuds: Minoru Fujita
Vance Nevada

  • (Sweden) European Wrestling Tag Team titles w/Jonas Jonsson defeating Team Swedish Angels (December 2005);

  • June 6, 1996: Robby Royce defeated Andy Anderson on his wrestling debut in his hometown..
  • Andy Anderson has wrestled and held titles in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Japan, and Puerto Rico..
  • Andy Anderson is currently wrestling for Puerto Rico's IWA promotion since 1999 and has appeared in ROH..
  • December 21, 2002 - WWE Velocity: Rikishi defeated Andy Anderson..
  • August 9, 2003 - WWE Velocity: Orlando Jordan defeated Andy Anderson..
  • December 2005 - Europe Wrestling Extravaganza 8: Andy Anderson & Jonas Jonsson defeated Team Swedish Angels..
  • Ddecember 26, 2005 - Brawl in The Hall: Hispanic & Roland Carlsson beat Andy Anderson & Jonas Jonsson to win the Tag Titles..