Wrestler: "Supermodel" Amy Love
Real Name: Amy Jefferson-Santee
Birthday: October 27
Hometown: Born in Houston, Texas
Moved to Orlando, Florida
Moved to St. Petersburg, Florida
Marital Status: Engaged to Bruce Steele
Height & Weight: 5'11" -
Trained by: POW Wrestling School
Florida Wrestleplex
Debut: August 2003
Previous Gimmicks: "Hot Ass" Amy Love
Finishing Move: Dolce Double Arm DDT
Favorite Moves: Crossbody
Side Russian Leg Sweep
Mexican Headscissors
Notable Feuds: Kevin Devine
Lorelei Lee
Lexi Fyfe

  • Amy played volleyball, basketball, softball and partipated in track in her school days..
  • Amy worked at the concession stands at wrestling shows before getting into training to become a wrestler..
  • Amy managed a wrestler named Eddie Cobain -- so she began using the name Amy Love (after Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love)..
  • January 10, 2004--NWA Florida: Deedee Ventura & Kevin Divine defeated Amy Love & James Hendrix..
  • February 28, 2004--NWA Florida: Amy Love & James Hendrix & Mark Zout beat Kevin Devine & T-Bolt & Luther Jackson..
  • March 13, 2004--NWA Florida: Amy Love & Mark Zout defeated Kevin Devine & Michael Patrick..
  • March 20, 2004--NWA Florida: Kevin Devine defeated Amy Love..
  • April 17, 2004--NWA Florida: OG Scarface defeated Amy Love..
  • May 1, 2004--NWA Florida: Amy Love beat Shannon Rose (male) in a bra and panties match..
  • September 4, 2004--NWA Florida: 911 Incorporated (Bruce & Rod Steel) beat Mikey Tenderfoot & Amy Love..
  • October 9, 2004--NWA Florida: Antonio Banks defeated Amy Love..
  • October 23, 2004--FPWA: Amy Love won three-way over O.G. Scarface and Bo Tayvian..
  • November 20, 2004--NWA Florida: Kat LaRoux defeated "Hot Ass" Amy Love..
  • January 22, 2005--NWA Florida: "Hot Ass" Amy Love defeated Kevin Devine in an Intergender match..
  • February 11, 2005--FPWA: Amy Love & Legion Cage defeated Pat Powers & Pat McGroin..
  • February 26, 2005--NWA Florida: Michael Patrick & Josh Rich & Leon Scott beat Amy Love & Kahagus & Aaron Epic..
  • March 12, 2005--NWA Florida: Amy Love defeated Chasyn Rance..
  • May 6, 2005--NWA Florida: James Hendrix & Amy Love defeated Team Vision (Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent)..
  • May 21, 2005--FPWA: "Hot Ass" Amy Love defeated "Country Girl" Lorelei Lee..
  • June 17, 2005--NWA Florida: Amy Love defeated Tracy Brooks..
  • August 20, 2005--FPWA - Almost Famous: "Supermodel" Amy Love (w/Bruce Steele) defeated Suicide..
  • August 27, 2005--WrestleReunion: Wendi Richter & George South Jr & The Patriot beat Amy Love & D.C. Drake & Gary Royal..
  • September 10, 2005--Wrestle Reunion: Sumie Sakai defeated Amy Love..
  • November 18, 2005--FPWA: Amy Love & Bruce Steele defeated Lorelei Lee & James Morrison..
  • Amy Love was linked with the most hated group in Florida, known as "911 Inc" along with her husband Bruce Steele..
  • January 28, 2006--FPWA: "Country Girl" Lorelei Lee defeated "Supermodel" Amy Love in a "Make-Over From Hell" match..
  • February 4, 2006--AWF: Scott Davis beat Bruce Steele by DQ when Amy Love went to slap Davis and hit referee Frankie Reyes
  • March 8, 2006--Elite Wrestling Entertainment: Sumie Sakai defeated "Supermodel" Amy Love..
  • March 11, 2006--Pro Wrestling Warfare: Sedrick Strong & Frankie Ciatso beat Love Society (Rod Steel & Bruce Santee w/Amy Love)..
  • April 28, 2006--Elite Wrestling Entertainment: Kip James defeated Bruce Santee w/Amy Love.....
  • April 29, 2006--FPWA: Bruce Santee & Amy Love defeated The Psychedelics (James Morrison & James Hendrix).....
  • May 20, 2006--FPWA: Punk & Disorderly & Matt Bentley w/$o Cal Val beat Bruce Santee & Rod Steel & Amy Love..
  • June 24, 2006--FPWA: Heater & Bruce Santee & Rod Steel w/Amy Love beat James Morrison & Jerome Hendrix & Pretty Fly & VinnDetta..

    Amy Love wrote to us: My birthday is October 27th. My debut was in August of 2003 against 2 guys in which I beat. My finisher is a Dolce Double Arm DDT. I wrestle under the name "Supermodel" Amy Love after my successful career as a supermodel and cross over into wrestling. I've recently been linked with the most hated group in Florida 911 Inc along with my husband Bruce Steele. Somehow the other guy Bruce is wrestling is always struck by my supermodel beauty and I end up involved in the match (it's not my fault). I've had my own problems with that no-fashion sense country bumpkin Lorelei Lee, Lexi Fyfe, and and wrestling's own law enforcer Riptide.