Wrestler: Amy Action
Real Name:
Birthday: September ?, 19??
Hometown: Canberra, Australia
Marital Status: Attached
Height & Weight: 5'5" - 132lbs
Trained by: George Julio (in Melbourne)
Billy Condolian (in Sydney)
Andy Harpas (in Sydney)
Debut: June 14, 1995
Previous Gimmicks: Kombat Karl -masked-
Finishing Move: The Arch Enemy
~Bridging overhead double chicken wing
Cattle Mutilation Variation
Favorite Moves: Elevated Inverted Full Nelson Chin Lock
The Crocodile Roll
The Croc RockSpinning sidewalk slam
Top rope missile drop kick
Spin heel kick
Notable Feuds: Thunderstorm
Website: www.amyaction.com

  • AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance) Woman's title defeating Indian Queen Kumari (1996);
  • TWP (Titan Wrestling Promotion) Woman's title defeated Thunderstorm (4);
  • ACW (Australian Championship Wrestling) Woman's title;
  • JKW (Junior Kickstart Wrestling) Woman's title;

  • Amy Action was one of the first women to wrestle in the Men's Divison in Australia, by disguising her face to the public with a mask..
  • ~~~In Australia it was against regulation for such an event to happen..