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Wrestler: Alex Wright
Real Name: Alex Wright
Birthday: May 17, 1975
Hometown: Nuremberg, Germany
Resides: Atlanta, GA
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'4" - 225 lbs.
Trained by: Steve Wright
Debut: 1991
Previous Gimmicks: "Das Wonderkin"
Finishing Move: Hangman's neckbreaker
Favorite Moves: Cross-body
Notable Feuds: Jean-Paul LeVeque
Dean Malenko
Chris Jericho
The Wall
Disco Inferno

  • WCW Cruiserweight title defeating Chris Jericho (July 28, 1997).
  • WCW Television title defeating Ultimo Dragon (August 21, 1997).
  • WCW Tag Team Titles w/General Rection defeating Jindrak & O'Haire.

  • 1994 - WCW Tour of Germany: WCW Officials offer Alex Wright a spot due to a series of injuries that plagued the wrestlers on tour..
  • Starrcade 1994: Alex Wright defeated Jean-Paul LeVeque..
  • January 26, 1995 - Clash of the Champions XXX - Alex Wright defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton..
  • Super Brawl V: Alex Wright beat Paul Roma -- Roma roughed up Wright "legit" during the match and was later fired for his behavior..
  • Summer 1995: Alex Wright finished third in New Japan's Best of the Super Junior '95 (Wild Pegasus aka Chris Benoit finished 1st)..
  • Great American Bash 1995: Alex Wright defeated Brian Pillman..
  • Alex Wright was voted as Bravo Sport's 1995 Rookie of the Year..
  • Clash of the Champions XXXII: Dean Malenko defeated Alex Wright..
  • May 1997: Alex Wright turned heel!
  • July 28, 1997: Alex Wright pinned Chris Jericho to win the WCW Cruiserweight title..
  • August 21, 1997 - Clash of the Champions XXXV: Alex Wright defeated the Ultimo Dragon for the WCW Television title..
  • Halloween Havoc 1997: Alex Wright was Queen Debra's mystery opponent for her ex-husband Steve "Mongo" McMichael..
  • ~~~Alex Wright ended up defeating Steve McMichael..
  • Alex Wright continued to be managed by Queen Debra..
  • 1997: Alex Wright suffered a head injury during a match with Prince Iaukea..
  • Starrcade 1997: Alex Wright and manager James Vandenburg sat ringside for the event..
  • Alex Wright returned to dance in a hilarious skit with the Nitro Girls..
  • Alex Wright formed a tag team with Disco Inferno known as "Dancing Fools"..
  • Halloween Havoc 1998: Alex Wright pinned David "Fit" Finlay..
  • November 29, 1998: Alex Wright defeated Scotty Riggs at the Brian Hildebrand Tribute show..
  • April 19, 1999 - Nitro: Alex Wright debuted his new character, "Berlyn", a german trench-coat wearing heel..
  • WCW took Beryln off television following the tragic shootings in Columbine believing Wright's new gimmick was too gothic..
  • Berlyn eventually returned, he had a body guard named The Wall..
  • Fall Brawl 1999: Berlyn defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan with a reversed neck-breaker..
  • Halloween Havoc 1999: Berlyn was defeated by Brad Armstrong..
  • Soon after, Berlyn dissappeared from WCW TV again..
  • September 27th - Thunder: Alex Wright returned as Disco Inferno's tag team partner, this time calling themselves "Boogie Knights"..
  • WCW German PPV "Millennium Final": Alex Wright & General Rection defeated Jindrak & O'Haire for the WCW Tag Team titles..
  • NAWA in Uelzen, Germany: Alex Wright defeated Chris the Bambikiller -- Alex's first match back in several years..
  • Alex Wright is now running a wrestling school called The Wright Stuff Pro Wrestling School in Nuremberg, Germany..