Wrestler: Aldo Bogni
Real Name:
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: The Super Protege
The Super Pro
Finishing Move: Cobra Hold (Cobra Clutch)
Gung Fu Hold (Corkscrew)
Favorite Moves: Second Rope Elbow Smash
Flying Mare
Knee Drop
Slam into Turnbuckle
Notable Feuds:
Joe Scarpa
Jose Lothario
Tex Mackenzie
The Professional
The Assassins
The Soto Brothers
The Super Assailants
The Infernos
Big Tex (Stan Frazier)
Tiny Mills
Bob Giegel
Notable Feuds:
Floyd Ude
Man Mountain Campbell
Roberto "Bobby" Pico
Eddie Graham
Jerry Graham
Billy Fletcher
Wahoo McDaniel
Ramon Torres
The Red Demons 1&2
Alberto Torres
Dennis Hall
Jackie Fargo

  • North Dakota Heavyweight title defeating ????? (1960) --- Lost to Tiny Mills;
  • North Dakota Heavyweight title defeating Tiny Mills (1960) --- Lost to Bob Giegel;
  • NWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team titles w/Bronko Lubitch defeating Johnny Weaver & George Becker (March 17, 1966);
  • NWA Southern Tag Team titles w/Bronko Lubitch defeating Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat (November 12, 1966);

  • Aldo Bogni frequently teamed with Bronco Lubich in the West and in the South..
  • March 17, 1966: Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubitch defeated Johnny Weaver & George Becker for the Atlantic Coast Tag Team Titles
  • November 12, 1966: Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubitch defeated Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat for the Southern Tag Team Titles
  • Aldo Bogni also formed a rough tag team with Vincent Lopez in Georgia and feuded with The Soto Bothers..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: The Super Protege pinned Super Assailant 2 (Frank Martinez) to win a losers unmask match between The Assassins & Super Pro and Mario Galento & The Super Assailants in Atlanta at the City Auditorium.

    The Assassins & The Super Pro lost a loser unmask match to The Professional & Louis Tillet & Tex McKenzie. The Assassins swore if they lost it would be one of them who unmasked. When Mackenzie pinned Bogni they turned on him.

    DECEMBER 1969: Aldo Bogni began managing and teaming with Bronco Lubich and Chris Markoff (The Yugoslavs) in FL while wrapping up his GA tour. Bogni was said to have been in semi retirement but was actually wrestling full time in Atlanta.