Wrestler: Al Madril
Real Name:
Birthday: March 1950 ?
Hometown: Billed from Madrid, Spain
San Bernadino, California
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 61" - 231 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1970
Previous Gimmicks: Leo Madril (Vancouver)
Finishing Move: The Crusifix
Favorite Moves: Abdominal Stretch
Notable Feuds:
Pampero Firpo
Professor Ito
The Warlock
Valiant Brothers
The Royal Kangaroos
Ramon Go
Paul Harvey
Chris Colt
El Tigre
Eddie Lopez
CW Burgstrom
Ed Moretti
Paul Harvey
The Satin Medic
Notable Feuds:
The Evans Brothers
John Tolos
The Comancharos
Jody Arnold
Greg Peterson
The Vulture
Jogn Tolos
Dale Valentine
Chris Colt
Mitri the Arabian Assassin
Bull Ramos
John Tolos
Ox Baker
Buddy Wolfe
Buddy Rose (70s Original)

  • World Class Texas Heavyweight title;
  • WCCW Tag Team titles w/Brian Adias;
  • WCWA Tag Team titles w/Brian Adias;
  • NWA-Texas Heavyweight title (5);
  • American Tag Team titles w/Brian Blair;
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight title;
  • Canadian Tag Team titles w/Dan Kroffat;

  • Al Madril hosted "The Fiesta Garden" interview segment in Portland Wrestling..
  • Al Madril competed for Fritz von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • ~~~He formed tag teams with Brian Adias & Manuel Via Lobos while working for WCCW..
  • Al Madril wrestled in Arizona and Texas in 1970s then to The Oregon area in 1980s and retired in 1990s..
  • Al Madril is rumored to be living in San Bernadino, California fixing cars and denies being involved in wrestling..