Wrestler: Akio Sato
Real Name:
Birthday: Febuary 13 ?
Marital Status: Married Betty Niccoli.
Height & Weight: 5'10 - 240lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1970
Previous Gimmicks: Sato (WWF)
Shinja (WWF)
Mr. Rising Sun Shima
Finishing Move: "Layback" Bridging Back Suplex
Favorite Moves: Sitout Powerbomb
Notable Feuds:

  • Akio Sato formed tag teams with Mr. Pogo, John Tolos, Bob Geigel, Pat O'Connor, and many others, in the NWA..
  • Akio Sato formed a tag team with Tarzan Goto in the Memphis territory and were managed by Tojo Yamamoto..
  • Akio Sato was a member of the Orient Express along with Pat Tanaka in the World Wrestling Federation..
  • Akio Sato returned to the WWF in the mid 1990s as "Shinja", the manager of Hakushi..