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Article: The Forgotten Minority
Wrestler: "Exotic" Adrian Street
Real Name:
Birthday: December 5, 1940
Hometown: Royal Forest of Dean, England
Now lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida
Marital Status: Married to Miss Linda
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 235 lbs
Trained by: Self-trained
Debut: 1957
Previous Gimmicks: Kid Tarzan Jonathan
The Nature Boy (Europe)
Hell's Angel #1
Finishing Move: The Sleeper
Favorite Moves: Crucifix
Cross Bodyblock
Notable Feuds: Al Perez
Relampago Leon
Official Website: http://www.bizarebazzar.com

  • NWA Americas Tag Team titles w/Tim Flowers defeating Mando Guerrero & Hector Guerrero ();
  • NWA Americas Tag Team titles w/Tim Flowers defeating Ringo Rigsby & Chris Adams ();
  • SCW Southwest Junior title defeating Relampago Leon (January 5, 1984);
  • NWA Mid South Television title defeating Terry Taylor (September 26, 1984);
  • NWA (Florida) Americas Heavyweight ();
  • NWA Southeast Heavyweight title (4);

  • Semi-Retirement:
  • Read Adrian Street's Biography Written by Adrian himself and posted on his official website..
  • Adrian Street was a trendsetter who made history by introducing the most suprising, unexpected and unmistakable character..

    Wrestling in America:
  • November 22, 1984--Mid South: Adrian Street & Miss Linda b Bill Dundee in a "Handicap" match..

  • Adrian Street & wife/valet Miss Linda decided to settle down and live a normal life in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida..
  • Adrian Street is now a successful manufacturer of high quality wrestling wear (costumes, masks, etc.)
  • Adrian Street was an instructor at the "Skull Krushers Wrestling School"..
  • Adrian Street was the main influence behind the character "Goldust" played by Dustin Rhodes in the WWF..
  • June 16, 2003 - RAW: Adrian Street's influence was felt when Rico debut with a modified Adrian Street gimmick, along with Miss Jackie..
  • June 4, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling: Adrian Street defeated Aeon Flexx to keep the European title under rounds rules..
  • January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: Adrian Street participated in a Legends Battle Royal which was won by Greg Valentine..
  • April 8, 2005--A Nostalgia Show: "Exotic" Adrian Street defeated Ian Flex..
  • May 28, 2005--Alabama Wrestling Federation: "Exotic" Adrian Street defeated Marcel Pringle..
  • June 11, 2005--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: "Exotic" Adrian Street defeated Jester McKain..
  • August 12, 2005--Wrestle Inc.: "Exotic" Adrian Street defeated Aeon Flexx..
  • February 3, 2006--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Adrian Street (65) w/Miss Linda defeated Chic Donovan (deep into his 50s)..
  • February 4, 2006--PCW: McNasty defeated "Exotic" Adrian Street in Jasper, Alabama..
  • June 2, 2006--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Adrian Street w/Miss Linda defeated "Wildthing" Will Owens
  • February 9, 2007--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Adrian Street w/Miss Linda defeated Aeon Flexx to retain the European title