Wrestler: Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee
Real Name: Adna Al-Kaissie
Hometown: Originally from Iraq
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 245 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1959
Previous Gimmicks: Billy White Wolf (-1983)
General Adnan (WWF)
Finishing Move: Indian Deathlock (as BWW)
Favorite Moves: Tomahawk chops (as BBW)
Notable Feuds: Tor Kamata
Ken Patera
Hulk Hogan
Tito Santana
Sgt Slaughter

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Wrestlers who Adnan El-Kaisee Managed:
Jerry Blackwell
Ken Patera
Mitch Paradise
Sheik El Domonte
Desert Fox
Masked Jungle Fighter
King Kong Brody
Nord The Barbarian
Boris Zhukov
Masked Superstar
In the WWF
Sgt Slaughter
Colonal Mustafa
In the AWF
Bob Orton
Mr Hughes
Manny Fernandez

  • NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title defeating Nikolai Volkoff (December 1, 1961);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Shag Thomas defeating Jack & Jim Dalton (June 5, 1963);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title defeating Mad Dog Vachon (July 5, 1963);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Pepper Martin (August 6, 1964);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Bearcat Wright (March 20, 1966);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Johnny War Eagle (November 26, 1968);
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title defeating Mark Lewin (September 24, 1963);
  • NWA (Hawaii) United States title defeating Curtis Iaukea ();
  • IWA World Heavyweight title defeating Ray Stevens ();
  • IWA World Tag Team titles w/Mario Milano ();
  • NWA Hawaii Tag Team titles w/Sam Steamboat ();
  • WWWF Tag Team titles w/Cheif Jay Strongbow defeating The Executioners (December 7, 1976);

  • In the Beginning
  • Adna Al-Kaissie was a very accomplished amature wrestler before turning pro in the late 1950s..
  • Adna Kaissie was a wrestling letterman at Oklahoma State University for the years 1958-1959..
  • Late 50s: Adna Al-Kaissie debuted in the wrestling business under his real name..

    World Wide Wrestling Federation
  • Adna Al-Kaissie joined the WWWF, wrestling as an Indian star named "Billy White Wolf", formed a tag team with Jay Strongbow..
  • December 7, 1976: Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf defeated The Executioners to win the WWWF Tag Team titles..

    Wrestling in Hawaii
  • 1978: Billy White Wolf was undefeated in Indian Death Matches until Tor Kamata defeated him..
  • Billy White Wolf held the Hawaiian Tag Team titles several times..

    American Wrestling Association
  • 1981: Sheik Adnan El Kaissey joined Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association..
  • Sheik Adnan was originally was billed as an Arabian madman and received a solid singles push..
  • April 20, 1986 - AWA WrestleRock: Verne Gagne defeated Adnan Al-Kassie in a "Steel Cage" match..
  • Sheik Adnan teamed with Sheik Ayatollah Blackwell (Jerry Blackwell) and were AWA Tag Team title contenders..
  • Sheik Adnan was forced to "retire" due to neck injury suffered at the hands of Ken Patera..

    World Wrestling Federation - General Adnan
  • Adnan joined the WWF as "General Adnan" to manage Sgt Slaughter & Colonal Mustafa as the "Triangle of Terror"..
  • Summerslam 1991: Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior defeated Sgt. Slaughter & Col. Mustafa & General Adnan..

    American Wrestling Federation
  • Adnan joins the AWF and forms "The Rat Pack" with Bob Orton, Mr Hughes & Manny Fernandez..

    World All-Star Wrestling Alliance
  • Adnan El Kaisee now owns and operates the World All-Star Wrestling Alliance along with Ken Patera..
  • Adnan El Kaisee appears on the WASWA wrestling cards as a manager..