Wrestler: Super Destroyer #1 (ECW)
Real Name: A.J. Petrucci
Birthday: N/A
Hometown: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'2" -
Trained by: Tony Altomare
Debut: 1985
Previous Gimmicks: A.J. Petrucci
Pocono Mountain Man
Masked Assassin
Fracture Fransberg
The Executioner
Shiek Fugan
The Bounty Hunter
Super Destroyer #1 (ECW)
Finishing Move: Super D front flip
Favorite Moves: Standing Savot Kick
Notable Feuds: Chris Candido
Johnny Hot Body
The Pitbulls
Eddie Gilbert
Doug Gilbert
Night Breed

  • ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Super Destroyer #2 by winning a Tournament (June 23, 1992);

  • World Wrestling Federation:
  • A.J. Petrucci was trained by Tony Altomare at WWF wrestling school in Orange, Connecticut..
  • 1985: A.J. Petrucci helped train Hillbilly Jim along with Hulk Hogan in the World Wrestling Federation..
  • 1985--WWF Madison Square Garden: Mike Rotunda & Barry Windham defeated The Masked Assassin & The Spoiler..
  • 1986: A.J. Petrucci participated in a tour wrestling shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia..
  • 1988--NWA: The Executioners (A.J. Petrucci & Big Ron Shaw) against New Breed (Chris Champion & Sean Royal)..

    Eastern Championship Wrestling:
  • A.J. Petrucci (as SD #1) & Doug Stahl (as SD #2) formed "The Super Destroyers" managed by Hunter Q. Robbins III in ECW..
  • June 23, 1992: The Super Destroyers #1 & #2 won a Tournament to be crowd the first ever ECW Tag Team Champions!
  • April 2, 1993: Larry Winters & Tony Stetson defeated The Super Destroyers to win the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • May 15, 1993: The Super Destroyers defeated Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels to win the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • May 15, 1993: Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels defeated The Super Destroyers to win the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • 1992: The Super Destroyers were the 1st two-time ECW Tag Team Champions and longest reign in ECW history..

    Independent Wrestling:
  • 1996: A.J. Petrucci trained WWE Superstar and cousin Gene Snitsky and Robb Harper..
  • ~~~A.J. Petrucci formed a masked tag team called "The Darkside Demons" alternating between some of his trainees..
  • ~~~A.J. Petrucci was the manager/coach for a tag team known as the Twin Tacklers -- Gene Snitsky & Robb Harper..
  • 2005: A.J. Petrucci made a come-back in NWL/HOPWL winning the Heavyweight, Television, and Tag Team championships..
  • Awarded most insprational wrestler of the year and are still working and winning titles. www.superdestroyers.com