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Promotors Top Stars Territory
Fritz von Erich
von Erich Family
Dallas, Texas

Fritz Von Erich
David Von Erich
Kevin Von Erich
Kerry Von Erich
Mike Von Erich
Chris Von Erich
Lance Von Erich
Tommy Rogers
Bobby Fulton
Junk Yard Dog
Jules Strongbow
Billy Jack Haynes
Kendall Windham
Johnny Mantell
Georgie Weingeroff
Mike Bond

El Santo
El Solitario
Mil Mascaras
Jose Lothario
Steve Simpson
Shaun Simpson
Dingo Warrior
Iceman Parsons
Brian Adias
Terry Simms
Scott Casey
Tony Atlas
Ted Arcidi
Buck Zumhoff
Chic Donovan
Eric Embry
Steve Doll
Al Madril
Bill Irwin
Bugsy McGraw
Mighty Zulu
Frank Dusek
Jim Powers
Steve Cox
Jeff Jarrett
Andre The Giant
Abdullah The Butcher
Bruiser Brody
Chavo Guerrero Sr
The Missing Link
One Man Gang
The Spoiler
Mark Lewin
Jeep Swensen
Nord The Barbarian
Brickhouse Brown
Shawn Michaels
Super American Ninja
Eli the Eliminator

Ric Flair
Harley Race
Dory Funk.Jr
Terry Funk
Jerry Lawler
Michael Hayes
Terry Gordy
Buddy Roberts
Jimmy Garvin
Arman Hussien
Buzz Sawyer
Steve Williams
Kevin Sullivan
Terry Taylor
Captain USA
Kelly Kiniski
Nick Kiniski
Butch Reed
Koko Ware
Norvell Austin
John Tatum
Jack Victory
Rip Oliver
Jimmy Jack Funk
Black Bart
Chris Adams
Gino Hernandez
The Great Kabuki
Magic Dragon
King Kong Bundy
Jake Roberts
Killer Kahn
Rick Rude
Al Perez
Tim Brooks
Bobby Eaton
Dennis Condrey
Crusher Yurkov
Matt Bourne
Toru Tanaka
The Punisher
Dizzy Hogan
Boris Zuchoffe
Master Gee
Steve Austin
Cactus Jack

>>>Babyface Tag Teams<<<
The von Erich Family
The Fantastics
Rock N Roll Express
Steve & Shaun Simpson
Chris & Mark Youngblood
Brad & Bart Batten

Michael Hayes & Steve Cox
Missy Hyatt
Baby Doll
Toni Adams
Jeanie Austin

Skandor Akbar
Gary Hart
Arman Hussien
Jim Cornette
Percy Pringle
>>>Heel Tag Teams<<<
The Fabulous Freebirds
The Dynamic Duo
Pretty Young Things
H&H Limited w/Hussien & Hart
Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon
The Super Destroyers
The Midnight Express
Nick & Kelly Kiniski
The Rock-n-Roll RPMs
The Samoan Swat Team

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  • 1966: Southwest Sports, Inc. was started by wrestler/promotor Fritz von Erich and ran shows as "Big Time Wrestling"..
  • Roughly 1980: Southwest Sports, Inc. changed its brand name to World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • 1980s: WCCW played host to the legendary feud between The von Erichs & The Fabulous Freebirds..
  • February 1986: Fritz von Erich's WCCW pulled out of the National Wrestling Alliance..
  • 1989: World Class Championship Wrestling promotion folded..