Thanks to Crimson Mask for Helping to ID This Picture.

1. The Sheik
2. Billy Red Lyons
3. Hercules Cortez
4. Fritz von Goering
5. Frank Valois
6. Fritz von Erich
7. Waldo von Erich
8. Don Leo Jonathan
9. Hans Hermann
10. Ilio DePaolo
11. Pedro Martinez
12. Doc Gallagher
13. Mike Gallagher
14. Cowboy Bob Ellis
15. Duke Keomuka
16. Sato Keomuka (Kinji Shibuya)

This was a publicity photo for the following card:

12/9/60 Buffalo Wrestlethon (Winner to get title shot)
Warmup matches:
Bob Ellis beat Ramon Lopez
The Sheik beat Bobby Bell
Dick The Bruiser beat Reggie Parks
Duke Keomuka beat Billy Parks

The Tournament:
Doc Gallagher beat The Sheik
Ilio DiPaolo beat Fritz Von Erich
Don Leo Jonathan beat Frank Valois
Billy Red Lyons beat Cowboy Bob Ellis
Sato Keomuka beat Waldo Von Erich
Mike Gallagher beat Duke Keomuka
Dick The Bruiser beat Fritz Von Goering
Hercules Romero beat Hans Hermann

Sato Keomuka beat Mike Gallagher
Billy Red Lyons beat Ilio DiPaolo
Doc Gallagher beat Don Leo Jonathan dq
Hercules Romero beat Dick The Bruiser dq

Billy Red Lyons beat Doc Gallagher
Sato Keomuka went to finals as Romero couldn't wrestle

Sato Keomuka beat Billy Red Lyons

AND the NEXT card:

12/16/60 Buffalo

Miguel Perez beat Cyclone Smith
Billy Red Lyons beat Frank Valois
Ilio DiPaolo drew Fritz Von Erich
Dick The Bruiser beat Bobo Brazil
Doc & Mike Gallagher beat Ray Shire & Howard Martin
(Ray Shire & Howard Martin = Ray Stevens & Pepper Martin)
NWA World Title Champion Pat O'Connor beat Sato Keomuka