The Fabulous Kangaroos
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Armando Luis Nunez wrote: I'm surprized when I saw the bottom right photo. That photo shows not only the kangaroos. this is from the Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre( superstars of wrestling) of Puerto Rico. The gentleman sitting in between Don Kent & Bob Heffernan is Rickin Sanchez , He was the host of the program & did the interviews. The play by play was done by Joaquin Padin Jr. He coined the phrases like: " Picada de ojos!" (eye gouge). Rickin has this habit of shaking hands with the baby faces, but not with the heels. Also he had this war of words with Hugo Savinovitch, the most hated manager of that time(he used to point Hugo's sexuality, He was... kind of swaying to the other side, if you know what I mean). And pestering Barrabas for a lobster dinner that the aforementioned promised him. I consider him as our dean of puertorrican wrestling.