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Bret Hart: Excellence of Bitterness


Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler. Period.

I will forever defend Bret as on of the Greatest of All-time.  Bret really needs to step back and adjust his reality.

Bret has recently started being a weekly guest on Wrestlezone Radio. I was very excited to finally be able to hear from my childhood hero on a regular basis. I was always pro-Bret in his backstage feud with HBK. I was pro-Bret and despised Vince for a long time after the Montreal Screwjob. I named my only son Owen after his late great brother. My love for Bret Hart the WWE performer is what my childhood was about.

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Post Wrestlemania 32 Raw

The post Wrestlemania 32 Raw really exposed the poor booking decisions the WWE chose to go with at Wrestlemania.  There has been a lot of criticism directed at the outcome of matches Sunday night. From the opening match IC Ladder Match to the final match of the night. WWE made illogical choices.

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Wrestlemania 32 Review


I don’t want to be that member of the Internet Wrestling Community. That fan of the IWC that hates on the WWE. That fan of the IWC that hates on every show and rips the WWE because they should have booked it a different way.

That show sucked. That show really sucked.

I found myself feeling sympathy to all the fans

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5 Biggest Wrestlemania Pops of All-Time

Wrestlemania has given us many memorable moments over the years. Usually with those memorable moments come HUGE pops. Pops can be due to anticipation, surprise, or just utter enjoyment.

Here are the 5 biggest pops in Wrestlemania history.

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The Original Mr. Wrestlemania: Macho Man

Long before Shawn Michaels was crowned as “Mr. Wrestlemania”, there was Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage was involved in the match of the night in 5 of the first 8 Wrestlemanias. His showmanship was underrated and partially forgotten once the attitude era came and Savage had moved on to WCW. Now, with the WWE Network available for anyone to relive the past, his greatness needs to be recognized and respected for what his was.

I will now give you Mr Wrestlemania!

Wrestlemania III Attendance: Legit? or Phony?

93,173….The number most hardcore wrestling fans will be able to recite at least the first two digits. A number that has been the record wrestling attendance since that day on March 29, 1987. I never doubted it. How could you? Look at that photo. There isn’t a seat in the house visibly empty.

But then one day I came across some discussion online disputing that this was the real number. That the WWE had fabricated the number . Surely you jest! I’ve lived the majority of my life with the thought that Wrestlemania 3 was
the largest indoor attendance record for a sporting event until the NBA all star game a few years back in ATT stadium (The home of Sunday’s Wrestlemania 32).   

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The Evolution of AJ Styles



Allen Jones.

The Phenomenal One.

Or, you may simply know him as AJ Styles. By any other name, his reputation proceeds him. As he made his debut at the WWE Royal Rumble (to a huge pop, no less), one may question if this is the end of Styles’ career? Will he be used correctly? The dreaded “Midcard Mediocrity”? What about the “Styles Clash”? These questions, while up for debate – can be simply broken down as an analysis of the man himself. With that, we must go to the beginning.

Styles debuted in professional wrestling in 1998 for Georgia’s National Championship Wrestling. By the time 2001 rolled around, he was a part of several companies such as X Wrestling Federation, the now-defunct Word Wrestling All-Stars, ECWA, Game Changer Wrestling, amongst many others. This would be the beginning of Styles and paying his dues.

Funny Note: He was a part of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 2001 before they were bought out by WWF/E.

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WWE’s Creative Disaster: Shane’s Return


On February 22, 2016, I, like many in the WWE universe, was completely floored when “Here Comes the Money” blared over the high tech high powered WWE arena sound system. I’m sure most of us expected some kind of interruption. Hyped events like this never go as expected in WWE. Just a fact as true as the sun rising in the East.

What I didn’t expect was the following five weeks of failure and missteps when it came to booking the Shane return angle. The angle had so much promise for drama, twist and turns, and flat out shocking moments. What was in the lockbox? What did Vince screw up? Did he commit corporate crime? Did he commit marital crime? What did he do that ONLY Shane could have bailed him out of?

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Wrestlemania 32 and Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns screws Vince McMahon.

How does that sound? As we all sit here a week before Wrestlemania feverishly fantasy booking the “Showcase of the Immortals”, I sit here thinking “what would be the best outcome coming OUT of Wrestlemania?”

Now, I’ve been just as guilty as the “anyone but Roman” IWC monsoon against Reigns. I cheered loudly with friends when Sheamus cashed in on him at Survivor Series. I booed loudly with friends when he won his second WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Philly. I also jumped off my recliner at my Royal Rumble viewing party and emphatically “crotch chopped” at my TV when HHH eliminated Reigns.

However, Roman Reigns isn’t a failure. Roman Reigns isn’t a bad idea for the future of the company. He is badly damaged though. That damage can actually be fixed and I believe it can happen at Wrestlemania 32 this sunday.

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